First Post!

This is a post that I am writing to show Tom how this stuff works…

Having fun on the field!

Having fun on the field!

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8 Responses to First Post!

  1. Ian says:

    Hey, Tom!

    This is just an example of a comment to a blog post.


  2. Test Poster says:

    Hey – I just wanted to test this…

  3. Tom Neff says:

    Hi Everyone ! This will be a great place to share your experience with other club members. Please feel free to write or express your opinion on any thing about Airpark, products you are using for flying, flying in general, event related articles, Airparks construction or anything else related to flying or Airpark.

  4. Tom Neff says:

    Dates for indoor flying will be posted under the calender tab. If you have never attended Indoor flying, you should give it a try. Type of aircraft that work the best are the smaller flat foamie type that have smaller motors and battery packs.

  5. Kurt Bozarth says:

    Hey Tom,

    Update us on the new runway when you can!!


  6. Tom Neff says:

    The runway is completed and ready for usage. the field is open now for all open flying. I will post pictures today.

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